Miller Lite Slam Zone

XNA batting game using Wiimote input for the bat swing

Miller Lite Great Taste Blitz

Rails Shooter developed in Unity with Wiimote input.

Coors Light First and Cold

Mobile game developed in Unity for Coors Light: Choose one of 3 plays to execute using touch and accelerometer controls. Tied into the superbowl campaign for the year.

Miller Lite Round Runner

Mobile game developed in Unity with accelerometer input. Dodge obstacles to bring the next round of Miller Lite to your friends!

California Cow-Chat

Unity/iOS Talking-Tom Clone with a cow and messaging features: Send voice messages to your facebook friends to view in their copy of the app. Voice is changed in pitch but not speed using a custom C/C++ audio manipulation system plugged into Unity. UI was all accomplished via UI-Kit and integrated into Unity.

Mobile Claims App

Mobile Claims App developed for an insurance software company. Enables viewing of policies and filing of claims including a graphical auto-claim tool.


Collaborative Desktop Publishing app developed for a publishing company. ASP.NET/Node.JS backend servers and Flash/AS3 front-end with websocket communication for collaboration and messaging.


MaxPlay was a game engine technology startup with the goal of building a cutting-edge multi-threaded game engine with collaborative cloud-enabled editor.


MyFlower was a virtual product where the user could purchase a unique, procedurally generated 3D flower with unique textures. It was modified to have an Augmented Reality Client for viewing the generated flower.

Miller Lite: March Hoops

One of my first game projects at Fullhouse. This is a two-player basketball game utilizing Wiimotes and built in C# with Microsoft XNA.